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frequently asked questions
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What is Yelbis?

Yelbis provides a platform where companies and individuals in need of a service can post their service request and where suppliers, which offer this kind of service, can send quotations. This way, the market for services presents itself as transparent and easily accessible.


Why should service suppliers use Yelbis?

Yelbis is a readymade marketplace filled with companies who are actively looking for the services you provide. Simply browse the open requests from potential buyers on Yelbis and offer your services to a wide range of local and international businesses - easily and efficiently.


Why should companies and individuals searching for services use Yelbis?

Let’s face it: the market for services is intransparent. How often were you in need of a very specific service, but you had no idea where to find relevant organisations who could provide it to you? And once you found someone that offered to do it, you still didn’t know if the offer was competitive or if possibly more suitable providers were out there. Comparing service suppliers to identify the most competitive and most suitable one for your needs can cost a lot of your precious time. That is where Yelbis comes in. With Yelbis, all you have to do is to post one service request in a few simple steps, and wait for tailor-made quotations to land in your inbox. You define all parameters (duration of bidding period, other preferences) for your service request yourself.


What is a bidding period?

The bidding period is the time during which bids can be sent for a request.


Am I obliged to select a supplier at the end?

You are not obliged to enter into a contract if you consider none of the quotes provided suitable.


Can I charge more than quoted in my offer?

No, you can't. As soon as the bidding period (the time during which bids can be sent for a request) has ended, bids cannot be altered. Bids on Yelbis are binding and you are obliged to provide the service as quoted in your offer. This way, the process is fair for all suppliers.


Can I go ahead and charge extra work if the request turns out to be more work than I expected?

A Yelbis supplier is obliged to provide the service requested for the price quoted. Extra work applies if more requirements than asked for in the original request are explicitly requested by the buyer. Extra work by the hour can only be charged if the buyer has been informed of and has agreed to the additional charge in writing. Always contact a buyer to clarify before you start working on additional requirements.


How long will it take until I receive quotations for the service I requested?

When entering your request, you define how long the bidding period for your request will last. You have the choice between 7, 5, 3 and 1 days. From submission until the end of the bidding period, suppliers may send their quotations. The longer you choose the bidding period to last the higher the chance you receive more bids. Throughout the bidding period, you can see in your personal Yelbis account (My Yelbis), how many bids have been received. Once the bidding period has ended, we will provide you access to all bids and you can choose the best one as the successful bid.


How much does it cost to submit a request?

Submitting a request is free of charge.


How much does it cost to send a quote for a request?

Sending a quote for a request is free of charge.


Can I modify a request after I submitted it?

A request cannot be modified after submission. The buyer can, however, add information to his request by answering questions suppliers may have. Questions and answers regarding the request will be published along with the request.


Can I withdraw a request after I submitted it?

No, once a request has been submitted, it cannot be withdrawn. However, a buyer is not obliged to pick a supplier if they decide none of the offers provided are suitable.


Can I modify a quotation after I submitted it?

Yes, you can modify your bid as long as the bidding period for a request is running. The “bid by”-date indicates when the bidding period ends. Once the bidding period has ended, your quotation is presented to the buyer. At that point your quotation cannot be altered anymore and is binding.


Can I withdraw a quotation after I submitted it?

No, you cannot withdraw a quotation once it’s been submitted. You can only modify it as long as the bidding period is open.


How can I get in contact with the requester if I need more info to make a quote?

When viewing the details of the request (when, on the page “bid for business” you click on “more details” or “bid”), you can find a question form on the right column of the page. Questions you enter here will be sent to the buyer directly. You will receive their answer by e-mail.


What if I am not happy with the service provided?

It is the responsibility of the buyer to agree service conditions with the supplier at the end of the process. We are working on implementing a review/feedback rating system. Very soon, if you are not happy with the service, you can post a review of your experience. In future requests, you can see a supplier’s rating before giving him your business.


Which kind/type of services can I request?

Any kind of service can be requested on Yelbis. For some services, we have created questionnaires with specific questions to be answered when posting a request to help simplify the process. If you can’t find the service you need among the service categories in the drop down list, select “other service” when entering your service request. We are looking to grow and add to our standard services portfolio.


Can anyone send bids to a service request?

No, only companies registered with Yelbis as suppliers can send their offers to service requests on Yelbis. When creating a supplier account, a supplier has to send us proof of their official character.


Where can I edit my contact information?

Under "My Yelbis" in the "My profile" pane to the left , click on "edit". There you can edit all your contact information. Don't forget to save your changes. To edit your profile, you have to be signed in to your account.


Where can I edit my supplier / buyer preferences?

Under "My Yelbis" in the "My profile" pane to the left , click on "edit". There you can edit your supplier and/or buyer preferences (as a supplier, you can add or remove services you offer). Don't forget to save your changes. To edit your preferences, you have to be signed in to your account.


What if no quotations are sent for my request?

In the event of you receiving no quotations for your request, you can repost your request any time. Make sure your describe your requirements in as much detail as possible; especially if you're requesting a so-called "other service" - a service that is not yet among the Yelbis standard services with predefined questions for you to answer. For any "other service" requested, the Yelbis team will spread the word to suitable suppliers which might not yet be aware of Yelbis - this way maximising your chances of getting the perfect offer.


How long does a bidding period last?

The buyer defines the duration of the bidding period themselves when posting their service request. A bidding period can last 1 day, 3 days, 5 days or 7 days from the date when the request was posted. During this time, bids / quotations can be sent for this specific request. Each bidding period ends on the last day of the selected bidding period length at 23:59.


Bidding platforms tend to encourage a race to the bottom regarding prices. How does Yelbis address this problem?

At Yelbis, we are committed to help buyers find great suppliers. At the same time, we want to help small businesses thrive. A race to the bottom would go against both of the above. We prevent it occurring in two main ways: firstly with a recommendation system. All of our suppliers will earn a rating over time based on the level of service they provide. This means that suppliers will not be selected based on price alone but also on the ratings they have received in the past. Secondly, suppliers do not see the prices submitted by other bidders. This way they are not encouraged to underbid others. They are just encouraged to put in their best bid.


How does Yelbis make money?

During our startup phase, Yelbis will be completely free of charge. This means that you can use our platform to grow your business with no cost for you. In the future, we plan to introduce a small referral fee for the successful bidder. Posting requests and submitting offers will remain free of charge also in the future.

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