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Source and supply services online.

Finding the right supplier
is not easy.

A buyer needs a job done but is not sure how to find the best supplier. He may research on the Internet, call up contacts, wasting lots of precious time while reach-
ing out to only a small number of service providers.

With just one service request on Yelbis

a buyer reaches out to a large number of special-
ised suppliers. The buyer defines the duration and all specifics of the auction them-
selves. In the end, they can review
all bids and select the most suitable one - all for free.

Tailor-made quotations to choose from.

Once the auction has ended, the buyer can review all bids that were sent regarding their request and, by also taking ratings by others and the supplier’s location into ac-
count, select the one that best suits them. For free!

“Thanks to Yelbis, I always find the perfect partner for any job!”

Yes, it’s really
that simple:

1. Post request.
2. Review quotes and pick the best one.
3. The supplier you chose will contact you and provide your serivce.

The services market is intransparent.

A supplier target-
ing to grow their business cannot contact all poten-
tial customers at all times and, hence, they often don’t know who is in need of their service and when.
A lot of potential business is never realised.

Yelbis gives suppliers transparency

regarding who is looking for their type of service offering at any given time.
Suppliers can browse real-time requests on Yelbis and directly send quotations for as many requests as they like -

entirely for free.

With Yelbis, it’s not only about
a low price.

Use Yelbis regular-
ly to build up your image. Yelbis sorts quotations for the buyer not only by price but also by supplier rating and geographical dis-
tance from the buyer. If you do a good job once, it’ll pay off in the future.

“Since I use Yelbis, I save so much time, which I can invest in doing what I do best. With minimal effort, I source new business on a regular basis.”

Make browsing the latest Yelbis requests your
daily routine -
you won’t regret it!